Making NFTs with the Qtum Web Wallet

Web Wallet NFT Specs

  • NFT files may be JPEG, GIF, and PNP for static images, animated GIFs, and webp videos.
  • The current NFT file upload size is 20.0 MB maximum, may be increased in the future
  • NFT name up to 100 characters, description up to 500 characters.
  • Create one to 10 NFTs for each image. Send these NFTs in whole units only, not fractions.
  • Default minting gas and fees are Gas price 0.00000040, Gas amount 2,500,000, transaction fee 0.01 QTUM. A typical overall minting fee is 0.1 QTUM. A typical NFT sending fee is 0.03 QTUM.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Set to Testnet
Qtum Testnet Faucet
Create NFTs
Two NFTs created




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