Qtum Mainnet Results November 20–26

This week we have the usual charts and graphs showing Mainnet performance. Your correspondent is still traveling this week, and so in lieu of a full educational feature we will a take a quick look at the rise of smart contracts on the blockchain, which really began to take off this week.

I am an independent researcher, not affiliated with the Qtum Team, but appreciate their advice and the robust technical discussions in the community.

Charts and Graphs

Data sources for this review of the Qtum mainnet performance come from the Qtum Explorer, the blockchain, and logging from the qtumd server application.

There is a happy blockchain milestone for Qtum Mainnet this week, passing 50,000 blocks on November 22. Given the faster block timing, the block height for Qtum will exceed the block heights for the bitcoin variants in about 2 1/2 years, another example of how healthy children grow up to be taller than their parents.

Unique Reward Addresses

This week larger wallets continued their hard work securing the network and raking in those block rewards. Unique addresses winning block rewards per day dropped to 250 on November 26. Note the block rewards are richer this week with more contract fees collected. More on this below.

For the entire week, there were 978 unique addresses, vs. 1,065 last week. This number continues to drop as more big wallets begin staking. Wallets winning multiple blocks per day continued to increase as a big new wallet began staking:

Active Transactions per Day

Active transactions per day continued steady this week and there were more contracts active on the blockchain. Active transactions reports the transactions on the network above the two for each block (the coinstake and coinbase transactions). This week active transactions were in the 3,000 range, with a good number of contract transactions.

You can also see transaction charts at Qtum Explorer and QTUM Explorer.io.

Block Spacing Variation

From November 20 to November 27 there were 4 blocks with more than 20-minute spacing (vs. 3 last week), with the greatest spacing for block 49,835 at 23:20.

Network Weight

My alternate chart for the network weight calculation took a slight detour this week as one of the five big wallets being tracked moved some of their coins and another very big wallet began staking. Resetting the start for this parameter to October 23, when the latest big guy joined, gives 4 days of block rewards for this group (fyRy, atov, 7gRT, S9cx, and xUxY). These biggest wallets won 599 of the approximately 2,400 block rewards for these four days, or 24.96%, and have a current balance of 5.11 million coins. This gives a BFNW (Big Five Network Weight) of:

More Smart Contract Activity

Increased transactions and transaction fees this week are due to more activity for smart contracts. An excellent resource for exploring this smart contract activity is on the QTUM.explorer.io Contracts page. From this page, you can follow links to see the contract transactions and contract source code. You can also see token transactions in the blocks for these contracts. For example, look at the contracts and tokens exchanged for block 52,584.

Enjoy your block rewards.




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